AP Driving School – Instructors

We like our driving instructors, and we’re confident you will too!  Here’s a little intro to each one.  They look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Matthew Miller

    Hello, Friends!!! You are about to start your driver’s training process, and I get the wonderful opportunity to teach and guide you through it. I have deep roots in the Davis community, and I’ve lived in the area for more than 20 years. I’m a graduate of UC Davis. I’ve been a missionary, youth director, substitute teacher / paraeducator, a tutor, a college ministry worker and a bunch of other stuff. I enjoy meeting people of all ages and ethnicities because everyone has a great story to tell. I love to travel, and I’ve been to all 50 states almost twice (still need a second trip to Alaska). I’ve also been to China, Great Britain, Italy, France, Canada, and Mexico. I’m a foodie, so expect some conversation about places to find some good eats. Driving is a great privilege that can transform your life, and I look forward to helping you become the best driver you can be.

    Training Car: Ford Focus SE

  • Kristen Kishaba

    I am born and raised from Anaheim, CA. I used to drive the trams at the Disneyland and thought it would be fun to become a driving instructor. Besides teaching lessons, I am attending comedy school, eventually to become a full-time comedian. My first performance was at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. My second performance was at the El Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano. You can watch me on YouTube by searching “Kristen Kashaba.” I love my poodle Snuggles she is awesome. In my spare time, I love watching tv or taking walks. I also enjoy going to church in Costa Mesa. I currently serve on the joy team at Presence OC. If you like to drive and a little humor, then I look forward to being your next driving instructor.

    Training Car: Toyota Yaris

  • Tommy Peterson

    I love driving! I want you to love it too, and I want everybody to be really good at it. I enjoy traveling and have driven most of the USA by car. I even drove semi-trucks professionally. I am married and the thankful father of 5 wonderful children. I lead music and the youth ministry at a church in Irvine called New Life. I have a Masters in Biblical Studies from Westminster Seminary in California. Teaching people how to be the best drivers on the road is a rewarding job. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

    Training Car: Toyota Corolla Sport Edition

  • Jason Park

    I am a simple, unsophisticated island boy from Hawaii.  My wife and I have been calling California our home away from home since 1996.  I am happily married to an amazing woman since college, and we have four wonderful children together.  Up until 2010, I had been working in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years. Since then, I have been pursuing a Masters degree at Talbot School of Theology, heeding the call to become a pastor at my later age.  My loving wife says that I am a late bloomer, but I think I am just a slow starter.  Growing up in Hawaii, the ocean and surfing are an everlasting love of mine.  My life revolves around church, family, school, and meeting vibrant young people (which I get to do on a daily basis as a driving instructor).  With the little time I have left over, you will find me at LA Fitness trying mightily to stay young. I am the owner and operator of AP Driving School.

    Training Car: Toyota iA

  • Lindsay Brooks

    I have taught voice, guitar, piano and general music in the classroom and privately for 20 years. I am a graduate of Musician’s Institute, a former songwriter/producer for legendary Motown music publisher, Jobete, and have created music for several major motion pictures. I love geeky pursuits like chess and philosophy, and I make a mean grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am married to Jamiella and have 2 lovely, genius daughters. My favorite model of car is the Porche 918 Hybrid. 78MPG while idling and I’m pushing it from behind! When I’m not instructing driver training, you’ll find me planning harmless mischief. You may be surprised to know that I am on the radio nearly every week. When I was 16 years old, I lived 15 miles from the future birthplace of Capt. James T. Kirk.

    Training Car: Honda CR-V