Are you feeling both excited and nervous at the same time about getting your driver’s license? Joining a behind the wheel driving lessons can be a liberating experience, and we know that better than anyone else. AP Driving is one of the top-rated driving schools in California with a mission to educate people on the best driving practices.

The pattern of DMV’s driver’s test

To apply for a learner’s permit, you will have to appear for the California DMV written test, which comprises 46 questions out of which you need 38 correct answers to pass the test. To get a permit, you need to make a payment of $33 and must appear for a standard vision test. This is in addition to the written test. Some states allow you to take the written test online as well.

The DMV test for the driver’s permit and driver’s license is not that difficult if you are well-prepared. The written examination for the driver’s permit is a computerized test at your local DMV test center and questions you on the basics which you can learn from the California Driver Handbook.

How to pass the DMV test?

Our behind the wheel driving lessons will ensure that all our students pass in the very first attempt. Our driving instructors are incredibly vigilant in teaching road safety measures and traffic regulations to all our students.

  • We provide 50 hours of training and instruction sessions to our students, out of which 10 hours of practice is focused on night driving. We educate the students on safe driving tips such as how to steer and accelerate smoothly, safety and road rules, signals for changing lanes and turns, etc
  • We provide practical demonstrations of how to use the 3-second rule, how to manage vehicle distance in cases of poor weather and bad visibility, how to check the mirrors every time you drive and practice on driving the vehicle on the right gear.

Getting a driving license

The state of California requires you to complete 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of practical (behind the wheel) training before you apply for a License or permit. You need to hold with you, a certificate of completion and present it to the DMV as a pre-requisite to be eligible for a license.

You must pass a written test, vision test, and a driving test to be eligible for a driver’s permit. It is important to remember that you must read the state driver’s handbook and check your eligibility for applying for a permit. Get your proof documents ready, pay the license and test fee in time, and you’ll be set to go for the examination.

Once you pass the exam, you will get your permit. You are still intimidated with the many steps involved in taking a driver’s test? Contact AP Driving, The best behind the wheel driving lessons to help you pass the test in your first attempt.

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