Are you dreading the thought of going through your practical driving test? With the right guidance and extensive behind-the-wheel classes, anyone can ace it! At AP Driving, we offer several packages with valuable training hours with experienced, licensed driving instructors and extensive theoretical training such as an online course you can complete at your own pace.

How to pick a good driving school

If you don’t have the opportunity to practice driving at home, picking a good driving school can make all the difference when preparing to get your license. Obviously, the quality of training should be the first thing you look for when picking a good driving school.

Pick a school that has several years of experience and has passed a lot of drivers. For example, our driving school has been in the business for over 40 years and has passed over 5000 drivers throughout the years. Hence, our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in tutoring clients with different learning styles and methods.

Also, look at how much the school goes the extra mile to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed. For example, we have flexible payment plans to suit different budgets and provide a free drivers education course to help you ace the theoretical part of the driving test.

What driving packages are available?

Our packages are open to drivers of all ages, and for each package, we offer a bonus drop off and pick up service free of charge. Additionally, we also provide a free DMV-approved online preparation course for your driver’s test. This is what will prepare you for the written test, with helpful videos and diagrams for easy learning.

All our packages are inclusive of behind-the-wheel classes. Our lowest $290 package contains 6 hours of behind the wheel training, the $475 package gets you 10 hours behind the wheels, our $625 one gets you 10 hours behind the wheel and DMV accompaniment, and our $2425 package gets you 50 hours behind the wheel training with DMV accompaniment.

Our last two packages also give additional perks like vehicle rental, insurance, and registration for the driver’s license test. You get an extra 4 hours of lessons and freeway driving for all the packages except the basic package. Our $2425 package is perfect for international students because you can get instructors who speak Korean, Chinese, or Spanish.

Where to get driving classes in California?

We offer driver’s training in southern California and parts of Northern California, with a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service. Check our website to find out which parts of California we offer driver’s training in.

In addition to providing pick-up and drop-off services, we can try our best to fit the drivers’ training around your busy schedules. For our last two packages, we also offer to pick-up for your scheduled driver’s license test appointment to the DMV in California.

Are you after a driving school that offers comprehensive driving test practice, with behind-the-wheel classes? Call AP Driving to discover the packages we offer and to discuss payment plans.

Get unlimited access to latest DMV approved Driver’s Ed course, and pass the DMV Permit Test here