Are you ready to take the wheel? If you’ve answered yese, then prepare yourself for driving test with AP Driving. We are one of the finest driving schools in California with experienced instructors, affordable payment plans, and free online drivers education program.

What do I need for a behind-the-wheel test?

The first criteria for the test is your age. The age limit to appear for the test differs from state to state. In the state of California, you are eligible to apply for a junior permit if you are 14 years old and you are eligible for a provisional license if you are 16 years old. You are allowed to apply for a driver’s license without a learner’s permit if you are 18 or older than that.

Some of the vital requirements that you must have to appear for the test are:

  • Social Security Number
  • $33 for the application fee
  • Certificate of Completion of Driver Education
  • Your passport or birth certificate or residence card
  • A completed Driver License application with the signature of your parents or guardian (not required if you are over 18)
  • Residential address proof like a utility bill, rental agreement, etc. (applicable only if you’re over 18)

The requirements for a California driver license is different from the documents required for a California Driver permit. Get in touch with us to learn more about the pre-requisites the services we’re offering.

Do you need an appointment for behind the wheel test?

Yes, you do. You can make an appointment for the test online on the official DMV page or make an appointment at one of the DMV offices.

Tips to pass a driving test

Our team of trained and highly-experienced instructors has achieved an enormous success rate in helping our students pass the DMV test in the very first attempt. We accomplish this by ensuring that the students are well-equipped with proper preparation, motivation, and tips to handle a variety of question that one may face during a DMV test.

Some of the important pointers to remember during a test are:

  • Be punctual and arrive at the test center 15 minutes beforehand
  • Take one last driving lesson with your instructor on the day of the test but before the test where you can clarify all your last-minute doubts with the instructor
  • On the previous evening, double check to see if your car is fully equipped as per the test standards and adequately categorize and file all the paperwork needed for test
  • Once you know your test center, practice on the roads around the test area to get an idea of the traffic and hazards that you may on the test day.

On behalf of our students, we take extraordinary measure to ensure that all of the above are well-taken care off, and we work precisely to help our students pass the DMV test with flying colors.

AP Driving is the #1 driving school in California to prepare you for your behind-the-wheel test. Get in touch with us to learn more.