According to studies, around 70% of first time DMV written exam takers fail because of several reasons: Lack of preparation, nervousness, blanking out during the exam, etc. Seeing this number makes you want to just quit or push back your written exam schedule. But do not worry, here are helpful tips that will help you pass the written exam.

  • Go to DMV website and take the practice written test

This will be our very important tip, going straight to the source will definitely help you pass the written test on your first try. Visit the California DMV site through and click on the “Driver License & ID Cards” tab then click on the “Knowledge and Drive Tests Preparation” link.

Once you are in the Knowledge and Drive Tests Preparation page, scroll down until you reach the Resources section and click on the “Samples of Driver License Knowledge Tests” link.

From here, you will have access to all sample test questions even of different classes. It will be very helpful to you if you get to see and familiarize yourself with these sample test questions.

  • Get a copy of the DMV handbook

Go to your local DMV and grab yourself a copy of the driver handbook, they are free! Read everything and make sure that you understand them. We advise you to read at least 3 pages per night so that you can finish them without putting yourself into too much stress. At the end of the handbook, you will find sample questions with answers that will most likely be included in the DMV exam. You can also download a copy of the DMV handbook here.


  • Find a practice test online to gauge your knowledge

If reading is not your thing and would prefer to study for your written exam by listening or watching videos then finding one in will be the best choice. This way, you can watch practice test questions while taking a break. Studies show that an average person can retain 40-50% of the information that he sees and hears. Doing this will increase your chances of passing the written exam! And to make it easier for you, here is a practice test video that you can watch:

  • Set a study schedule

Build a habit of studying at least an hour a day for your written test. You will retain more information by reading your materials compared to not studying at all. Do not trust your stock knowledge, trust us it will not help you during the DMV written exam. Focus on numbers like speed limits in different areas or signs that you commonly see on the road.

  • Find a good study guide

There are several study guides out there but we have compiled one that we are sure to help you pass the DMV written exam on your first try. You can see it here.

  • Take the practice test again

Go over the practice test again and again. You have to remember that the practice test questions on the DMV website are the exact questions that you will see in the actual written exam. Therefore it is important that you need to retain these questions by simply going through them over and over again.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before the test and a hearty breakfast

Being well-rested and full during your DMV written test increases your ability to memory recall and maintain concentration so follow this seriously. Staying late the night before your exam because you want to study more may not be a good choice.

  • Read the questions thoroughly during the test

It is very important to read every question thoroughly. Sometimes there are questions that include “NOT”, “unless”, or “except” which completely changes the thought of the question so you have to watch out for those.

  • Relax if there is a question that you don’t know

If you encounter a question that you don’t know, skip it and proceed on to the next question. Chances are you will find the answer to in the other questions. Just relax, you have made a lot of preparations for this and having a clear mind will be your ticket to passing the written test. Read our article here on the Proven Steps to Pass the DMV Driving Test Today.

  • Be positive

Having a positive outlook will yield a positive score! Trust in yourself, you have made enough preparations and you have followed all the tips in here. You have high chance of passing the DMV written test.

Following these steps increase your chances of passing the written test. Plus, passing on your first try will save you time, money, and stress of having to study again. So let us be the first to congratulate you on passing the written test!

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