AP Driving recognized as top driving school

AP Driving recognized as top driving school by Norm Reeves (Cerritos Auto Square)!

Don’t be a Distracted Driver

Far too many teens think a car accident wouldn’t happen to them. They believe they can look at their phone for “just a second” to send a text while driving. It is crucial that parents and friends get across the message that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. Check out this very informative website – a website which might just save your child’s life: http://www.scottgottlieblaw.com/talk-to-teens-about-distracted-driving/index.html. Please share.

Referral Reward – Making you a part of the AP Family

From its founding, AP Driving has been about family – so we’re offering every AP student and all AP alumni the right to earn $20 for every friend or sibling who signs up with the AP Special. Currently, we are running the Summer Special which can be found here: tinyurl.com/APSummerSpecial. Just refer a friend, email us their name along with your name and address to info@APDriving.com, and we’ll send you $20 for every person you refer! It’s that simple. As a part of the AP Family, we want to thank you for spreading the word.

Honesty is the best Policy … and it is our top Priority

With the recent increase in gas prices, it has come to our attention that various driving schools are providing less actual driving time for their behind-the-wheel training. Instructors at these schools put their cars in park, and provide instructions verbally instead. While familiarity with traffic laws is vital for any student driver, we understand the importance of physically practicing the skills of safe driving under the supervision of a licensed driving instructor.

So we want to assure you, our valued customer, that we will not reduce the time we spend training our students on the road simply in order to save a few dollars in fuel costs. We guarantee that our students are taught according to California state law with ample time to practice the necessary skills behind the wheel. Our company prides itself in honesty and integrity, and these times of economic hardship is no exception. Thank you for choosing AP Driving School – we look forward to serving you soon!

AP Driving Keeps To The Basics

Deliver Cost-Effective Driver Training, Providing Quality Instruction to Every Student Every Time.

Since it’s beginning, AP Driving had one goal: Cost-effective training that would be of the highest quality–guaranteed to every student every time. That’s why AP is continuing to provide one-on-one instruction for students that register for Behind-The-Wheel training.

“When an individual driving instructor is able to focus completely on a single student’s needs, the quality of instruction dramatically increases. AP Driving is not only about making sure the training is cost-effective but also about ensuring that each student receives the very best instruction possible. It’s the quality people expect from AP,” says Jennifer Kim, manager of AP Driving.

With the goal of service and satisfaction, AP Driving School not only requires all instructors to be DMV licensed and trained, but also wants to make sure that every student receives the individualized training program needed to make sure the student is completely trained and prepared for driving.

For more information about AP Driving headquartered in Irvine, visit APDriving.com


Recent Changes by the DMV

Proof Of Enrollment Change

Effective September 1, 2010, the DMV no longer requires proof of enrollment in a Driver Training Program (white slip, DMV Form OL 392) in order to take the Permit Test. A student 15 1/2 years of age needs only to complete Drivers Ed and prove course completion (pink slip, DMV form DL 400C) to take the Permit Test at the DMV.