AP Driving offers the best behind-the-wheel driving school in California to help you ace your driver’s test. We are one of the top-rated driving school to offer affordable driving lessons with certified instructors and free online drivers education.

How many errors can you have on your driving test?

You will fail the test if:

  • You make more than three mistakes on the pre-drive checklist
  • You make more than 15 mistakes on the driving portion of the test
  • You make a critical mistake in which case you get a fail immediately

To avoid that, contact our team, and we’ll make sure to set you on the right path. With our help, you will be sure to complete your tests successfully.

Do you have to pay for behind the wheel test?

No, you do not have to pay for taking a driving test in California. However, the written test comprises of 46 questions out of which you need to get 38 right answers to pass the test. If you pass the test, you need to pay $35 as an application fee in order to get your learner’s permit and driver’s license.

In the event of you failing in the written test, you need to wait for seven days before reappearing for the test again.

What happens if you fail your driving test 3 times?

If you consistently fail three times in your driver’s license test, The CA DMV makes you begin the application process again.

As a part of our driving lessons, we work with our clients to understand their strengths and weaknesses in learning and prepare customized learning material for greater learning efficiency. This helps our clients to cope with the enormous amount of information that one needs to learn to prepare for the test, thereby ensuring your success in the test.

Tips for your first driving lesson

However, some of the tips that we generally suggest to our clients when they enroll for our behind-the-wheel driving school are:

  • Go through the driving rules, regulations, and basic safety precautions before coming for your first driving lesson to get a hint of what lies ahead. DMV’s driver’s handbook is a great source to help you get acquainted with all of the above. You can find it at the CA DMV’s official website.
  • Give your car manual a good read. Try and figure out all the controls in your car and each of its function.
  • After the completion of your driving lessons, you are eventually going to apply for a permit or license. Hence go through the pre-requisites required to apply for a permit or license and if you think you do not have any of the vital paperwork, then start working on getting them ready.
  • On the first day of your driving lesson, it is normal to feel nervous. So, get lots of sleep the previous night and make sure you do not have alcohol in your system when you arrive for your first class.

Now that you have all the information about our behind-the-wheel driving school, get in touch with the AP Driving support team to begin your lessons today!